All Hopes have thought little more of Irving than as a passing nuisance but that’s just what he wanted them to think. Zel learned to late just how capable Irving is. So far Irving has little more than “toyed” with Fae. His true intentions have yet to be seen.


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While the text has been changed I was actually really happy with the art from the original page 4. Not enough to keep the art, obviously, but enough to basically redraw the page with some minor changes. The biggest two changes to the art were showing the first scene with Zel and Adrik be post… Continue reading 04


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His name is Jude. He doesn’t get a lot of screen time so I decided against subtly with the name choice. Jude decided to pretend the question was why because he’s trope aware enough to know not to answer how, even with a non-answer. Also, the answer why is always power, always. Also, I completely… Continue reading 25