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Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and other characters lie.

The Demis have been around since before written language was developed. The reason why they showed up has yet to be revealed but their actions have drastically shaped Viosia. Were it not for the Demis, there would be very little magic in the world and humans would be the only sentient creatures. The power of the Demis did not go unnoticed by the mortal races and at multiple points in history the Demis went from being worshiped as gods to reviled as demons. At the most recent turn of demon fearing the humans found a champion in a person they unsubtly labeled HopeHope lead the mortal races to victory over the Demis and the Demis’ influence over the world slowly started to fade.

The magical abilities of the Demis are not without limits. Keeping up the appearance of a mortal takes a considerable toll on a Demis’ magical reserves. Where the mortal races have many physiological responses which are involuntary (breathing, digesting, heart beatings, ect…), the Demis have none. Nearly every reaction to external stimulus and movement of their body has to be planned out. Consequently, the Demis tend to skip out on some of the less essential realities of physical existence when rendering their forms, such as eye brows and body hair in general (with an exception for hair at the top of their heads).

Since the Demis need most of their concentration to maintain their physical form, they are at their very weakest when fully mortal in appearance. Often when using more complex abilities the Demis will unintentionally shed pieces of the physical form because they are unable to use the ability and appear mortal at the same time. Because of the danger in exposing themselves, Demis rarely use complex abilities except when there are no witnesses. When they were revered as gods, the Demis often walked around in a state that was much less mortal looking.

While, technically, all Demis share the same abilities, each Demi has only a select few favored abilities that they prefer to use based on personal preference and ease of ability mastery.

Demis in Eternity Complex:

Enya prefers the abilities of teleportation and remote sensing. She doesn’t prefer to heal people but when you surround your self with mortals you get use to needing to use the ability.

Irving prefers to get into peoples minds. While he can’t control people’s actions, he sure can manipulate them into doing what he wants.

Elva – to be revealed

Emma – to be revealed

Ian – to be revealed

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