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His name is Jude. He doesn’t get a lot of screen time so I decided against subtly with the name choice. Jude decided to pretend the question was why because he’s trope aware enough to know not to answer how, even with a non-answer. Also, the answer why is always power, always.

Also, I completely missed that I reached 350 pages completed with the last updated and that the month of July kind of sort of marks Eternity Complex’s 3rd anniversary. I don’t really pay attention to these things and then they sneak up on me. Anyways happy 3rd anniversary! Thanks for reading so far. Hope you enjoy the next 350+ pages! 🙂

Also, also, I think I fixed the comment nesting to be a more reasonable look. Only the first reply to a comment should nest. All other replies should stay at the same level as the first nested comment. Not sure why I didn’t look for the nesting setting previously in the site’s settings but it should be better now.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Aquatians page has been updated.

Edit #2: Finally got the comments to show up directly on the home page.

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