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This page is currently under construction. I’m adding sections as they are requested. If you don’t see a topic listed, please feel free to request it.
Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and other characters lie.

Eternity Complex is set in the world of Viosia and is a predominantly fractured world. Humans tend to stick to their home towns as they fear anything magical. The Aquatians don’t handle drier climates very well as they need an abundance of water to survive. The Dwarves don’t fear magic but see no point in trading the warmth of their tunnels to play mediator between the humans and the other races. The Arboreals migrate through forested areas but prefer to stay away from humans as there’s a shared, deep animosity that runs between the two races.

Races: Demis, Hopes, Humans, Dwarves, Aquatians, Arboreals, Spirits (Revenants, Wraiths, Spirits)

Types of Magic: Demi Based, Spirit Based


Demi Lineage: Any human possessing magical powers.

Incarnate/Hope: A title given to the person who is not of the world of Eternity Complex.

Magical Signature: An aura that surrounds those with magical abilities. Traces of a signature can be seen (only by those who can accurately see signatures) on any one or thing that is being manipulated by magic or was recently manipulated by magic. In theory everyone’s signature is unique but no one has refined their ability to detect signatures to the point where this theory could be tested. Of those who can detect magical signatures, very few have developed the ability to passively view the signature. Most individuals with Demi-based abilities can vaguely sense signatures even if they can’t view them.

Soldiers of Hope: A group started by the third Hope. Their sole purpose is to protect humans from the Demi Lineage threat. They carry out their mission by abducting any Demi Lineage (they include all races but the Dwarves in that definition, humans think that dwarves don’t have magical abilities) they encounter and either turning that person to their cause or executing the individual. Healers may or may not count as Demi Lineage to this organization. Suffice it to say they’re part of the reason why Humans on the whole are isolated from the other races.

Viosia: the world that Eternity Complex is set in.

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