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Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and other characters lie.

Hopes are individuals who are brought to Viosia from Earth to unknowingly heal the Demis’ mistakes. All Hopes are selected based on how few ties they have to their home world. In other words, only people who could disappear off the face of the Earth without notice end up becoming Hopes. Each of the five Hopes has either been a runaway, orphan, or stuck in the middle of a war zone (or a combination of the three).

Each Hope has the ability to manipulate the magic around them (often thought of as a defensive ability), which means that they can use the same magical abilities as anyone who is in their immediate proximity. It takes a ton of effort to be able to use others’ abilities and so Hopes typically only use this ability to disrupt the magical abilities being used around them instead of fully controlling the abilities.

In addition to the ability to manipulate magic, each Hope has an active and passive power. One of the defining differences between the powers is if the Hope has a say in when they are able to use the power. Active powers are abilities that a Hope can choose not to use and a passive power is a power that happens whether a Hope wants it to or not. The other defining difference is that active powers are Demi based and passive powers are Spirit based.

Hopes in Eternity Complex:

Hope had the abilities of charisma and precognition.

Zel had the abilities of geokinesis and psycometry.

Fae has the abilities of telekenisis and retrocognition.


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