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Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and other characters lie.

The spirits are a spectrum based race who do not owe their existence to Demi based magic, despite popular opinion. The spirits have been in existence for as long as life has been present on Viosia and were the first source of magic. The practice of spirit based magic by the mortal races has all but died out since spirit magic has to be taught.

The Spirit Spectrum:

Revenants exist solely as creatures of impulse and intuition; they have little to no control over their abilities. The genesis of a revenant takes a very specific set of circumstances surrounding the death of a human. A revenant has but one goal and to get between a revenant and its goal is deadly. Once a revenant has completed its mission, it will slowly transform into a wraith.

Wraiths have varying degrees of composure and control over themselves and their abilities; however, they are prone to lapses in control and judgement. Wraiths know little of their situation and often wander the world with only the purpose they’ve assigned themselves to keep them going. Wraiths slowly turn back into a mixture of who they were in life and their experiences post death. Every wraith matures at a different rate. A wraiths’ travels will eventually lead them to becoming a full fledged spirit.

Spirits have complete control over themselves. A Spirits’ knowledge is said to be ceaseless. A wraith can only become a Spirit if they discover the meaning of their existence (and they don’t even know that’s what they are looking for). No one knows that Spirits are the same as revenants and wraiths, the later two of which are known and feared by the general human populace.

Spirits are what people think of when they think of fairies and pixies. This misnomer is due to the fact that the few times Spirits intentionally revealed themselves they took the form of small orbs of light with wings.

While Spirits had an impact on life and culture in the times that they made their presence known, Spirits are thought to have died out not long after the Demis’ defeat at the hands of the first Hope. The sole reason that the Spirits had made their presence known prior to the defeat was to help balance out the damage that the Demis were causing. With most of the Demis gone, the spirits had no reason to actively bother in the affairs of mortals. There is currently only one situation that will draw the Spirits out from their passive observance of mortal affairs and anyone who has witnessed such an affair has not survived to speak of their experience .

Spirits in Eternity Complex:

Astor, an ancient wraith of considerable power. He is nearing the spirit side of the spectrum.

Adrik, a relatively young wraith. He still has some revenant tendencies but he’s slowly learning to control himself.

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