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Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and some characters lie.

Aquatians are an amphibious, amorphous, nomadic race that goes where ever the currents lead them. They rarely, if ever travel alone as family and community bonds are extremely important to them. Additionally, Aquatians are able to amplify their abilities when in close proximity to each other which is part of the reason why Aquatians prefer to not be alone.

As an aquatic race, Aquatians don’t communicate through air dependent means. The standard way for Aquatians to communicate is through a process similar to whale songs. However, unlike whales Aquatians share not only their thoughts with each other through their songs but also form a pseudo-collective consciousness while singing. This allows Aquatians to act as one unit when carrying out a task. The one drawback of this link is that should an Aquatian venture too near a telepath while in the collective, all connected Aquatians and the telepath will experience psychic feedback.

Aquatians have three main forms: a gelatinous form that they use when floating through the water and when coordinating the use of group abilities, an amphibious humanoid form for quicker, predatory movements through water and for communicating with non-Aquatians while maintaining presence within the collective, and a nearly human form when they need to travel over land and/or mingle with humans. Aquatians only resort to their human form when absolutely necessary because it cuts off their link to other Aquatians and dampens their control over liquids.

The most well known of Aquatian abilities is shape shifting. Somewhat amorphous by nature, Aquatians can take on a variety of humanoid forms. However, an Aquatian is limited to their own mass when switching between forms, unless they merge with another Aquatian to create a form that is as massive as both Aquatians combined. There is no limit to the number of Aquatians who can merge together but it is an ability that is rarely used because it is only useful in a select few situations.

Another, albeit lesser known, ability of the Aquatians is their ability to control fluids. While on a technical level Aquatians are manipulating the bonds between molecules, pragmatically their ability manifests as control over liquids, most notably water. Since Aquatians use this ability the most on the high seas to either sink or save ships, they tend not use this ability unless cornered on land so that they are not blamed for all disasters at sea.

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