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Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are not as informed as they think they are and some characters lie.

Dwarves live in the warm tunnels found underneath the mountains in the western glacial region of Viosia. The dwarves’ stocky build is ideal for the high altitude of their home, though they think of their stature as the only visible “gift” that the Demis left them. Because dwarven magical abilities can only be used by touching an object, humans mistakenly view dwarves as miniature, non-magical humans. Dwarves are okay with this mis-characterization as it keeps open healthy trade relations with the humans who craft nearly all of the textiles that the dwarves use in their day to day lives. Dwarven and human relations are so good that the dwarves are often stuck as the middle man in dealings between humans and the other races.

There is very little physical difference between male and female dwarves, which serves as a source of confusion among humans. Due to the lack of distinct genders in dwarven society and their resemblance to male humans, nearly everyone of the races refers to dwarves solely as male (dwarves included). However, there is one person in dwarven society whom the dwarves would never refer to as male and that is the Monarch. The Monarch is the leader of Dwarven society and is always a female member of the dwarven royal family. The reason for the Monarch always being female is that it guarantees that a member of the royal family is always on the throne as there are always witnesses to a birth but rarely a conception. However, dwarves will never correct an outsider’s misuse of pronouns towards the Monarch as they find the misuse amusing and an indicator of one’s outsider status. For example, the dwarves would know that any human who claimed to do a lot of business with dwarves yet habitually referred to the Monarch as “he” was lying and not someone who could be trusted.

Because dwarven society is fairly equalitarian, dwarves tend to sort themselves based on their profession and dress themselves accordingly.  The biggest indicator of a dwarf’s identity is their hair which is stylized to advertise who they are and what they do. Dwarven hair is stylized to advertise anything from the deeds of a famous ancestor to relationship status to proximity to the royal family to magical aptitude.

Dwarves in Eternity Complex:

Bjorn‘s hair indicates his profession and magical abilities. Most of Bjorn’s beard is dyed the same shade of grey as the beards of the royal and palace guard but he un-straitened his bear when he went to the palace to act on Fae’s behalf. A straightened beard of a specific shade of grey signifies acting in the royal family’s best interests. A wavy to curly beard of the same shade would signify that they are acting on another’s (or their own) behalf and is the de facto sign of retirement. Bjorn’s mustache and un-dyded section of beard indicate his rank and specific guard-type position. Bjorn’s dreadlocks indicate his proficiency level in dwarven magic.

The Monarch does not show any visible hair except for eye brows. This allows the Monarch to move unrecognized through dwarven society when the Monarch desires to remove their uniform and fit in with society. Additionally this means that the Monarch is free to wear their hair as they want without fear that their preferred style of hair becomes popular/recognizable among dwarven society.

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