Arrogant, condescending, rude. To say that Adrik is not a great person to be around would be an understatement. Instead of fully internalizing his feelings, Adrik tends to lash out at others because he has yet to realize the extent of which other’s emotions affect his emotional state. He has yet to find the off switch to his empathic and telepathic abilities and as a result is constantly assaulted by the thoughts and feelings of others. As there is rarely any room in his head for his own thoughts, he tends to operate on his base instincts more than is healthy. Many of his problems are due to his relatively young age but are magnified by the fact that he chooses to spend most of his time around those he can’t “hear” anything from, such as Enya, as it gives him a chance to be alone in his head as opposed to learning how to cope with his own abilities.

If Adrik were able to look past his own pride and admit to himself and others that he needs help, he might just be surprised by how much easier that would make things. However, he has not quite reached that point, yet.


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