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Demi Magic

Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and other characters lie.

Demi based magical abilities are any abilities that stem from the Demis’ influence. This category encompasses nearly all of the magic used by the mortal races, Hopes, and Demis. The power level of an individual using Demi based magic depends upon how far removed an individual is from Viosia; i.e. how closely related to a Demi they are.

The Demis are not from Viosia and thus they are the most powerful beings to use Demi based abilities. While the Demis were very adept at convincing people that they were all powerful, in truth, the Demis are only able to affect change on a physical level. The only ability that a demi has that is similar to any Spirit based ability is their ability to read and transmit thoughts. However, that ability is more akin to radio broadcasting than mind reading. Demis only have access to the very top most thoughts that a person is thinking and only if the Demi chooses to listen in. Persuasive Demis can make it seem like they have the ability to control another’s mind but that is because they know just what to say to who ever they happen to be broadcasting to. Additionally Demis are able to manipulate any magic around them that is based on their abilities.

Demi abilities include but are not limited to: aquakinesis, geokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, healing, and body morphing.

Hopes are the next powerful of the Demi based magic users. Like the Demis, Hopes are not from Viosia. Unlike the Demis, Hopes are still tied to a physical plane of existence and thus are bound to rules governing their bodies. The physical reality of a Hopes’ existence is the reason that the Hopes only have two unique abilities; their bodies can not handle the stresses of any additional abilities. However, because the Hopes are not bound to Viosia they are able to manipulate all of the magic around them, which makes it appear as though a Hopes abilities are far more numerous than they actually are. The two unique abilities of a Hope change depending on the Hope and magical manipulation does not count as one of the two unique abilities. Only a Hopes’ active ability is Demi based. A Hopes’ passive ability is Spirit based and is the reason why Hopes can manipulate all of the magic around them and not just the Demi based magic.

Last on the rung of Demi based magic users are the mortal races. All of the races that use Demi based magic, except for humans, are limited to the abilities that caused their race to evolve away from humans. While the humans are not as limited in what abilities their race can have, they are by far the weakest magic users as the human race is made up of those who were never as strongly gifted with magical abilities to evolve away from the human race. Since the races are currently mostly isolated from each other the current generation of magic users in each race (excluding humans) are on average just as powerful as the average magic user of their race when the Demis stopped interfering in mortal affairs.

Arboreal abilities: manipulation of microsystems (healing, plant manipulation, density manipulation) near them

Aquation abilities: manipulation of the fluids (alter fluid states, change surface tension, become fluid, manipulate the reflective properties of water) in and around them.

Dwarven abilities: manipulation of the energy (heat loss and gain) and pressure of objects they are touching.

Human abilities: any ability that the Demis have but on a much weaker scale.

All Demi based magic users can sense the magic being used around them. Few of these individuals can see the magic being used around them and even fewer can see the difference between the magic that is being used around them.

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