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Warning: Articles contain accurate information and not what the characters think they know. Articles may contain minor spoilers as few of the characters are as informed as they think they are and some characters lie.

Humans reside in a few loosely aligned city-states. Fully aware of their inability to defend against magical abilities, humans have grown very fearful of anything that is the least bit magical in nature. The extent of the human’s fear can be seen by how much leeway humans grant the Soldiers of Hope in their activities. However, normal humans fear the Soldiers as much as they revere them, as most of the Soldiers are Demi lineage, humans who can use magical abilities. Conversely, the Soldiers are composed primarily of Demi lineage because it is the only safe place for them. Most Demi lineages are so weak in their magical abilities that they have very little advantage in a fight against an ordinary human, let alone a mob of angry humans.

While the fear of magic dictates human actions on a macro level, individually most humans don’t fear the Demi lineage nor do they have much of any thoughts to spare about the other races. Magic is becoming an increasingly foreign concept to humans and the dangers more abstract. Most humans would never turn a Demi lineage friend over to the Soilders of Hope and they certainly wouldn’t turn over a relative. However it only takes one negative event featuring a Demi lineage in a city to turn that city against all Demi lineages for the next several decades.

Despite their fear of magic, humans are actually very friendly with human and dwarven strangers as those strangers often have tales of the world outside the city walls. Humans love to hear of the outside world because many humans wish that they had the courage to venture out beyond their city’s walls. Unfortunately, the humans love for strangers often makes them easy targets for theft and cons. Less scrupulous humans will try to take advantage of the goodwill that humans often give strangers. However, a human’s love of strangers doesn’t extend to Arboreals nor Aquatians as the human fear of magic trumps all else when it comes to the more openly magical races.

While humans would at least offer a very chilly form of hospitality to any Arboreals or Aquations that they may knowingly encounter, humans are outright hostile towards wraiths. Revenants have been at the center of many tragedies within human cities and to humans wraiths and revenants are indistinguishable.

Humans and Demi Lineage of Eternity Complex:

Meg is a Demi lineage whose abilities are weak enough that she that she believed she was an ordinary human. She is currently developing what abilities she has.


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