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You probably noticed that a lot of tiny changes have been taking place across the site for the past 2 or so months; it was all to get the site ready for re-sizing. Welcome to the new page size, new site size, and new chapter! There’s also been a slight change to the regular page… Continue reading 00


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Quick reminder link to what Fae is referencing. Fae knows she can’t really trust everything she’s being told but she also knows her aunt. Zel was not a bad guardian but Zel was very much a means justify the ends sort of person; she sacrificed many things in the name of the “greater good” without… Continue reading 02


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Fae is way too tired to realize that Marie’s purposefully not around while Fae is seeing things. — In completely not related to webcomics, art, or other relevant things, I have a shiny new dog. My boyfriend and I brought him home last Thursday and we’ve been getting to know this new guy all weekend.… Continue reading 04