Zel was the 4th Hope, slain by Irving. The tragic nature of her death has had a large impact on the main cast; but, it was her erasure of Fae’s memories that has had the largest impact. While Zel never did voice her reasons for the erasure, she carried out the task in part because she was about to undertake a quest that would have ended the Hope line completely; she felt that it would be far crueler to leave Fae with memories of a world that she could no longer visit. It was a tough decision for Zel to make and caused a falling out with Adrik because he didn’t agree with the action and because Zel forcibly borrowed his powers to carry out the memory wipe. It was an action she soon came to regret but the damage had already been done.


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While the text has been changed I was actually really happy with the art from the original page 4. Not enough to keep the art, obviously, but enough to basically redraw the page with some minor changes. The biggest two changes to the art were showing the first scene with Zel and Adrik be post… Continue reading 04


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Edit: Eventually the reworked version of this chapter will go up but until then everything is how it was when it first went online in the summer of 2011. The first chapter is a bit confusing (hence the rework), please let me know if you have any questions. The quality of the art and story… Continue reading 00