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I purposely worked on the cover image while sleep deprived. I wanted a certain level of not-right-ness that I wouldn’t be able to pull off while fully awake. Sadly the images still look too good for what I was trying to achieve (next time I want poorly drawn, I’m using my left hand). The cover image is part of a larger wanted poster that will figure prominently in this chapter.

The cover and accompanying wanted poster is inspired by the poorly drawn image of Lloyd in Tales of Symphonia from when he was placed on a wanted poster. I have a lot of fond memories from playing Tales of Symphonia. My sister and I stayed up a ridiculously long time by eating nothing but chocolate chips to try and reach the elves. There are parts of that game that are not meant to be played while severely sleep deprived. We had the hardest time trying to figure out really basic puzzles.

This chapter was almost called intentional side effects but Fresh Start won out for subtle reasons. No actions are consequence free in the EC-verse but some actions take longer than others to catch up with everyone. See you Monday for the first page of the chapter!

Hope you enjoy!

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