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Dwarves! A long time ago I was talking with a friend about dwarves and The Hobbit (I think it was The Hobbit anyway). We ended up talking about how rare female dwarves are and how there’s even a section of The Hobbit where the characters acknowledged the rarity of female dwarves. Somehow we started talking… Continue reading 03


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Fae remembers Astor and the type of powers he has. She doesn’t recognize Meg at all. Fae doesn’t remember anything that happened outside of her mind between the middle of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 5. For all Fae knew there was a gap of time she couldn’t account for but the affect… Continue reading 07


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Fae is not amused. Astor is always amused. Meg may one day join a side of the amusement battle but is just relieved to not be the focus of attention, for now. Enya and Adrik may or may not be amused when they realize the situation. To be (amused) or not to be (amused), that… Continue reading 09