Meg didn’t exactly have an easy childhood and has a bit of a temper as a result. She’s not exactly proud of her past actions but that hasn’t turned her away from a life of thievery, either. Meg was not thrilled by Astor’s initial attempts at help but she soon came to see how valuable working with him was, especially when it came to stealing things. Once she started seeing the value in Astor’s help, Meg quickly realized what Astor’s game was and began to play along. From there they inadvertently became friends.

Meg has always fancied herself as street smart. Unfortunately for her, Meg’s abilities were actually due to her being a Demi lineage instead of her being good at reading situations. This lead to some unpleasant attention from the Soldiers of Hope who decided to bring her in once her Demi lineage status was confirmed. Meg, like most humans, is prejudiced against anything Demi in nature and was more than a little shocked and unnerved by the news that she is a Demi lineage. Of course being saved by someone you revile at the same time as your world view is being shattered makes the situation all that much more worse. Meg has come to trust Astor and know the person behind the mask, but grows increasingly annoyed with the masks he puts on when they interact with other people.