Astor likes to pretend that he is the greatest person to have ever graced the world but it is all an elaborate ruse to prevent others from wanting to get close to him. Due to his empathic and telepathic abilities, Astor knows that most people would not give him the time of day should the truth of what he is be learned and so he actively ensures that most people won’t like him, which typically involves him acting in a way that is the most amusing to himself at the expense of others. However, no armor is 100% impervious and every so often Astor runs across a person he knows can accomplish great things if only they were given the chance. Meg is such a person.

Astor never wanted to be friends with Meg, but once Meg figured out his game the friendship was inevitable. Part of the reason that Astor inevitably helped Meg was that Meg is descended from Astor’s brother (not that he’d ever tell this). Astor’s been secretly and not so secretly helping out the descendents of his brother’s family for generations. He hasn’t always been successful, Meg wouldn’t be the last surviving family member if he was, but helping gave his afterlife some focus.