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A long time ago I was talking with a friend about dwarves and The Hobbit (I think it was The Hobbit anyway). We ended up talking about how rare female dwarves are and how there’s even a section of The Hobbit where the characters acknowledged the rarity of female dwarves. Somehow we started talking about the general existence of dwarves in fantasy and I ended up promising him that I’d give all my dwarves beards including the female dwarves so that it would only appear that there are no female dwarves. The universality of the beard is a secret kept by the dwarves, mostly for the purpose of confusing humans. Enya takes advantage of the fact no one knows about female dwarf beards while traveling and poses as a female dwarf around humans, but she can’t do that here. While there are certain aspects of her appearance that Enya can change, she is incapable of adding facial hair.

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