Bjorn was once a member of the Dwarven Royal Guard and has many connections as a result. It was these connection that got Fae in to see the Monarch so quickly. What drew Bjorn to the Guard in the first place was a strong desire to help others and, despite retirement from the Guard, his desire to help others is what got him into the mess he is currently in. Bjorn’s recognizing what Fae is and her discomfort is what led to his offering a helping hand. Bjorn jokes that he helped Fae because of the stories he would be able to tell but he has other reasons as well.


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Fae may try but will she be successful? There’s only 5 more pages left in the chapter and I’m really excited as I feel like chapter 10 kicks off the more action filled part of Eternity Complex. Chapter 10: Before the Storm, is definitely the chapter I’ve been impatiently waiting to get to for some… Continue reading 20


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Dwarven hair styles are not about fashion so much as conveying to other’s who you are and the degree of formality of a given situation. Bjorn is at his most formal. Enya also gets to show off her new hair and eye color now that she doesn’t have to hide her lack of facial hair… Continue reading 21


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I just realized that I made an art mistake on the third panel – forgot the shadowy magic powers around the floating bowl. The mistake will get corrected once I gain access to a computer with photoshop. Best case scenario will be Monday afternoon. I miss my frequently dieing computer already. Edit: The correction is… Continue reading 22


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In hindsight, “great chamber” should probably be capitalized (I’ll edit that once I can get to a computer). Dwarves put a lot of trust in their monarch and the Great Chamber is the Dwarven term for the royal palace/hallway/seat of power. Since most dwarves are able to manipulate rocks and metals to varying degrees (through… Continue reading 24


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Three things I’m working hard at improving while working on this chapter are perspective, dynamic poses, and character body types. All start out a bit rough but I feel like I’m finally starting to better understand perspective (dynamic poses and body types show up a bit later). Not that this page really shows what I’ve… Continue reading 01


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The best sorts of lies are sprinkled with the truth. They also work best when you’re not sure how much of what you’re saying is a lie and Fae’s admitted that “acting is easy” for her. Also, Bjorn wasn’t kidding when he said “dwarves don’t expect anything out of humans.” The first page of the… Continue reading 03