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Dwarven hair styles are not about fashion so much as conveying to other’s who you are and the degree of formality of a given situation. Bjorn is at his most formal.

Enya also gets to show off her new hair and eye color now that she doesn’t have to hide her lack of facial hair from the Dwarves. I’ll be a little sad when her hair and eyes go back to how they were.

In non comic related news, my computer is broken yet again. I’m sending it back in for warranty work but if an update shows up late for the next two-ish weeks it’s because I couldn’t get to a computer. Or forgot because I’m not on my computer. When ever my computer breaks I pretty much unplug from the digital world (except for work related activities). The nice thing about my low tech time is that it pretty much means I get really far in scripting out the future chapters and sketching/penciling the upcoming pages. Then, when I get my computer back, I have a whole lot of new comic work ready to be scanned in and digitally inked and colored and what not. Anyway future apologies if I’m late with updates for the next two-ish weeks.

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