Bjorn was once a member of the Dwarven Royal Guard and has many connections as a result. It was these connection that got Fae in to see the Monarch so quickly. What drew Bjorn to the Guard in the first place was a strong desire to help others and, despite retirement from the Guard, his desire to help others is what got him into the mess he is currently in. Bjorn’s recognizing what Fae is and her discomfort is what led to his offering a helping hand. Bjorn jokes that he helped Fae because of the stories he would be able to tell but he has other reasons as well.


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Marie thinks she’s an excellent judge of character. And Bjorn thinks the same of himself. Only time will tell who is the better judge. Arvalon from Planet Chaser makes a return appearance on today’s page. Sorry for the late update! I forgot that this past weekend was a holiday weekend and lost track of what… Continue reading 26