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In hindsight, “great chamber” should probably be capitalized (I’ll edit that once I can get to a computer). Dwarves put a lot of trust in their monarch and the Great Chamber is the Dwarven term for the royal palace/hallway/seat of power. Since most dwarves are able to manipulate rocks and metals to varying degrees (through temperature/pressure control) they don’t think of a hallway as a hallway but an extension of the room(s) attached to it.

I have not heard back about my computer’s condition. Usually when I send my computer in for repairs, the repair company ships it back in under 24 hours but not this time. I was expecting to get my computer back by this Monday/Tuesday based on my past experience with sending my computer in for repairs but that won’t happen. Right now there are 3 completed pages left in the buffer. Since I’ve been borrowing a friend’s computer when they are at work to get work done for both my job (one of my jobs is a work from home job and my job work takes precedence over getting comic pages done because money) and the comic, I haven’t been able to get as much done digitally on the future pages. Some what fortunately Eternity Complex’s buffer ends on the 1st page of Chapter 10 – I feel better about making changes at the beginning of a chapter than in the middle. I figure I have three options for how to continue:

  1. Post non completed pages up on update days until I can get the pages completed and then swap everything out (the next month’s worth of pages are almost done they’re just missing character shading and some small finishing details).
  2. Go down to one page a week updates with the beginning of Chapter 10 and then switch back to the normal update schedule when my computer is back.
  3. Brief hiatus after Thursday’s update (last page of chapter 9) while I build up enough of a buffer to deal with my lack of a dedicated computer and then resume updates as normal.

I gain unlimited access to my friend’s computer for a week starting in 2 weeks so none of these options would last for more than the month of July (especially if my job work load is light that week).

What do you think of the options? Is there one you like more than the other? Is there something else you’d like to see me do for Eternity Complex that isn’t listed? Which ever option proves the most popular is the one I’ll likely go with.

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