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25 published on No Comments on 25

It was brought to my attention that the site’s comment system isn’t actually working… I definitely screwed up somewhere when doing something on the site. I don’t know where and am hoping I can fix it without access to my computer. I found one setting so far that was not what it should have been and changed it back but I’m not sure how/when the setting was changed or if there’s more settings I’ll need to correct (if one setting was accidentally changed, I’m not sure what else could have been changed) or CSS I need to edit.

Anyway so far I’ve received one vote for a hiatus and one vote for showing wip. This is the last page of ch 9. I won’t make a final decision until Ch 10’s cover page is posted Monday. Since the last update I was able to get 2 more pages added to the buffer. If I can get just 2-4 more pages added to the buffer before Sunday I’ll be in a good position to start ch 10. If I don’t, I’ll post ch 10’s cover along with what is going to happen to Eternity Complex for the rest of July. If you haven’t voted yet and have an opinion, please let me know – if the comments are still broken feel free to email me at comic[at]

Thanks for your understanding!

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