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I purposely worked on the cover image while sleep deprived. I wanted a certain level of not-right-ness that I wouldn’t be able to pull off while fully awake. Sadly the images still look too good for what I was trying to achieve (next time I want poorly drawn, I’m using my left hand). The cover… Continue reading 00


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In addition to better backgrounds, I’m also trying to keep the light source consistent across scenes. I’ve really only paid attention to the light source when it is directly drawn into the scene and I’d like to try and not do that anymore. This semester has been really stressful so far but if today goes… Continue reading 04


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Astor knows when something is up. I originally intended to not shade Astor in, because I’ve been trying to find ways to make wraith abilities appear more removed from the surrounding environment and that was an idea I came up with. But I got distracted by anime and forgot my intent. When I finally realized… Continue reading 06


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So, so many hours went into that background… there’s even a bunch of itty bitty people in there. And then I blurred everything. Some of the aquatians are still visible thanks to being one solid color that contrasts well against dark brown but most of the people and many small details are all lost. Mostly… Continue reading 07


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This page was really fun to work on. I got to experiment a ton with how to get things to look like they were underwater so that I wouldn’t rely too heavily on downloaded textures. I’ve only made a handful of textures for the comic, everything else comes courtesy of cgtextures. Updates may potentially be… Continue reading 09