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Despite being a member of the cast since the very beginning, this is Enya’s very first chapter cover. The hiatus is over! Unfortunately, the update schedule has to go down to one page per week for the foreseeable future. The new update schedule will be every Monday. The good news is, there’s enough pages in… Continue reading 00


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Meanwhile, on the surface… I decided to make some small changes to the art, starting with this chapter. What do you think? Is it even noticeable? Also, the start of the new chapter brings with it a new piece of art! There’s always something very dignifying about black and white portraits. I received this portrait… Continue reading 01


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All I can think of when I look at the second to last panel is “talk to the hand.” Zomg guys! More beautiful art to share! There was a Valentine’s Crossover Exchange over on Comic Fury and this stunning piece is what I received. So many great pieces were present in the exchange but there’s… Continue reading 02


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How much does Adrik trust Enya? How much should Adrik trust Enya? One of those questions will be answered by the end of the chapter 😉 Almost a year ago I wrote a really long, ramble-y post on one part of my life that leaked into Eternity Complex, wrong first impressions. At the time, I… Continue reading 04


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One really interesting thing about rocks is that they can contain a lot of water. Another interesting thing about rocks is that water can flow relatively easy through many types of sedimentary rocks. This is where Emma and Marie are getting their water from. Over time the process of pulling water out of the rocks… Continue reading 06


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At least Fae was able to dodge before she tripped. Fae’s not a clumsy person, but that limestone floor is super slippery with all of the water flowing over it. If you’ve every been in a living cave (cave with water traveling through it), you’ve probably experienced just how slippery that surface is. If you’ve… Continue reading 07


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Fae’s quick, but not quick enough. Check out this hilarious picture I received from Waffles597 who creates the webcomic Elmer the Eccentric. I love it so much! Waffles597 made this as part of the Comic Fury Easter Egg Fan Art Eggchange. There’s a bunch of other really great arts in the exchange but, in my… Continue reading 09