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At least Fae was able to dodge before she tripped. Fae’s not a clumsy person, but that limestone floor is super slippery with all of the water flowing over it. If you’ve every been in a living cave (cave with water traveling through it), you’ve probably experienced just how slippery that surface is.

If you’ve never been in a living cave, other than missing out on a great experience, you probably have no clue how slippery that cave floor is. Walking on the wet surface of a cave is a lot like walking across a freshly mopped floor. There’s very little friction and one miss-step can send you sliding. The sliding is only worse with bare feet. To me it would be unrealistic for Fae not to trip at least once now that water is being hurled around everywhere. Also, I’ve only ever been in commercial show caves; I’ve been told that the actual rock surface is much more slippery than the paved floor of a show cave (which is already fairly slippery).

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