As the 5th Hope, there is a lot riding on Fae’s shoulders that she has no clue about. Typically, Hopes are slowly introduced to Viosia by their predecessor and are fully capable of interacting with the world when it is their time to shine; however, that isn’t Fae’s position. Fae’s memories of Viosia have been wiped away by her predecessor in a vain attempt to protect Fae but from what is unknown. Unfortunately for Fae, she is now stuck in a world that she has no knowledge of and with no clue how to return to her home. Fae’s arrival in Viosia coincides with the death of her Aunt Shelley, the 4th Hope.

Because she is lost in a strange land, Fae has almost entirely and blindly followed Enya’s lead on what must be done despite the fact that Fae does not entirely trust those with whom she travels. However, as Fae grows more comfortable with her situation, she is taking more risks and slowly exposing her impulsive nature.