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Long time no see! I’m kind of sort of back for a while. Things still won’t be consistent around here but I should be updating a lot more frequently over the summer. I’ll post further details down bellow but first the fun stuff.

Eternity Complex has gotten past the 450 page mark and so it’s time for another progress chart to get posted.

I love working on this chart because it is always a big confidence boost to see how far I’ve come since 2011. Roughly every 50 pages I add a new column and characters appear in their order of comic appearance except for Enya. She should be earlier in the chart but isn’t due to creating the chart before I redid the prologue and laziness.

If you want to see a larger version of the chart, please click on image.

As for what’s been going on for the past few months. It’s more a question of what hasn’t happened. The TLDR version is a roller coaster of good and bad that’s kept me constantly moving since March. I’m still constantly moving but at least I have enough time to art again. My goal for the summer is work on new pages and finally finish the updated first chapter. It’s been a few years since I re-wrote and sketched the first chapter but I haven’t had the time to finish what I started. I don’t like what is up currently and if I could change the pages out, I’d be much happier. That being said, priority is and always will be new pages.

The long version of what has been going on is two big research projects that had a paper and presentation component, new job (now I have two, though one is only during the school year), field camp in Ecuador, email broke, Russian visa paper work, wisdom tooth coming in, product updates for other job, visiting family, Aunt died, putting together a proposal to try and get a NSF grant for grad school, figuring out who I want to study under in grad school, studying for the GRE, finding a treasurer to take my place, putting together a poster presentation and abstract for conference based on work I did last semester, apply for graduation, finding an internship, need to take my motorcycle in for maintenance, and that’s only what I can remember. It’s a garbled list of things I’ve done, am doing, and need to do.

The good news in all of that is that I hit a pretty bad low point in there where I messed up applying to an internship. I can’t really turn a blind eye to how bad my depression and anxiety problems are affecting my ability to function in the real world anymore. By the end of this week I’ll hopefully have an appointment made with a sliding scale place. They’re the only sliding scale payment option place I know of in the area, so I’m hoping that they agree to see me. My insurance won’t cover anything related to mental health and I don’t trust my university. It’s good news because I’ve never taken care of my mental health and any step I can take that will help me like who I am is a good step.

In order to leave off on a happy note, here’s a list of stuff I’m looking forward to:
-Traveling to Russia in order to study volcanoes in August
-My final semester before graduating
-Getting into grad school
-Moving far away from Texas (it’s a love/hate relationship)
-Moving somewhere with a reasonable climate
-Painting Cotopaxi for a friend
-Hopefully more painting because I miss oils
-Riding my motorcycle
-Department party ’cause there will be horses

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