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What will it take, Fae?

Hello! It’s been months! Hope everyone is doing well!

I didn’t want to post again until all the pages in the current scene were done and… well… they’re still not done… BUT… all but one is and I think that I’ll be able to complete it before it would be time to post that page. And maybe even build up a buffer while I’m at it.

Thanks for sticking with the on-again, off-again updates! There’s no guarantee that updates will ever go back to their previous regularity but I’m going to try to get as much done before grad school as possible.

As for the what’s currently going on: I completed a NSF fellowship application (will find out if I get money to pay for grad school in the spring), graduated summa cum laude (I’m a super nerd XP), and am currently applying to grad schools (2 applications down and 1 in the works with another professor or two to contact relatively soonish). Everyday I’m getting closer and closer to being a professional scientist. Yay!

For my parting words, I leave you with this brilliant song.

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