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They still can’t stand that close to each other when Marie is not in her human form.

One more day and I’ll have internet!

There’s three more weeks of updates before the end of the chapter. I’m going to do what I did at the end of the last chapter and take a 2 week hiatus between chapters to focus on building up a buffer before I get buried under school work, work work, and officer commitments (I’m helping run a club). The hiatus will cover the week before and the first week of my classes – so there should be plenty of time to build up a buffer. The amount of pages I finish before the end of the buffer, will determine whether I update once or twice a week in the fall. During the hiatus I’ll be posting some sketches from upcoming pages. Or, if you want to contribute any art of your own (writing, drawing, stuff), I’ll happily post it instead of sketches. Hope you enjoy the end of the chapter! 🙂

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