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And in a flash of light, Emma was gone.

When read together this chapter and the previous chapter’s titles read Deus Ex Machina because of how the situation resolves itself. According to the TV Tropes definition, a Deus ex Machina is a solution which fixes an unsolvable/hopeless situation, which fits. The other part of the definition is that a Deus ex Machina is sudden/unexpected and you’ll have to be the judge of if that part of the definition fits.

The biggest part of why I called the two chapters Deus ex Machina, though, is that back in Ancient Greek theatre Gods and Goddesses would come in a set things right at the eleventh hour and that’s essentially what happens here. While Enya won because she didn’t fight fair, she still has some god-like powers and is the only person currently capable of ending Emma’s fun (Emma had god-like powers, too). I hope it’s pretty obvious by her expression that Enya is not happy about the way things ended. There’s, also, going to be some hefty consequences to what just went down but those will come up later.

I really wish I could turn out pages more quickly. We’re drawing rapidly nearer to something super exciting. I know it’s been a really slow burn up until now and I really appreciate everyone who has made it this far! There’s still 8 pages left in the chapter and two more chapters before “things” happen. You’ve already made it half way through the story as far as the page count is concerned and I hope you’re willing to stick around for what’s to come.

Just a reminder, it’s about a week until I’ll be back online.

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