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That doesn’t look ominous or anything.

One thing that’s been bugging me, and it’s probably only been bugging me because I’m studying geology, is the nature of rocks and melting and all that jazz. The rocks that Bjorn lava-fied are not the same rocks that formed the cave but the ones that the cave sits upon. Limestone (what the majority of caves are made of and what this one is made of) doesn’t melt at atmospheric conditions but instead turns into Carbon Dioxide and lime with enough added heat. In order to get the basalt you see here, Bjorn had to bring the rocks up that sit underneath the cave and melt those. Without a boost to his magical abilities he would not have been able to accomplish what he did. Of course, in the process he did have to burn up some limestone and the air in the cave is a lot less breathable than it was before (even without the limestone present, there’d still be added CO2 in the air from the lava, but there’s even more in the air because Bjorn had to get rid of a whole lot of limestone). There is a page coming up that slightly addresses the CO2 problem but it doesn’t go into any detail. The cave is well ventilated, though, so no one is running out of oxygen any time soon, at least not due to Bjorn. 😉

Obligatory reminder: I’m out in the middle of no where and likely won’t have internet access. If I do get internet access, it will be unreliable and through my phone. Basically, there will be considerable delays in responding to comments. I won’t be back in civilization until early-mid June.

Edit: Was so busy getting ready to go to nowhere that I forgot to add Marie’s spots to the page. She now has her spots.

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