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Dodging isn’t exactly what Marie had in mind but it is about all Fae’s skill level will allow her to do. If Bjorn could swim he would be joining in on getting rid of clothing. But alas, he sinks like a rock and has his own plan for avoiding the water. He very much doesn’t want to drown.

Also, today is my first day back at university. Winter break was ridiculously short and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped to. Just a reminder, this week is the last week of updates before the hiatus begins. It looks like there may not be any guest art to fill the hiatus void; is there anything from me that you would like to see go up during the break? I’ll post anything as long as it isn’t too spoilery and doesn’t take too much time away from building the buffer back up.


I wish I could give you some art, but my abilities are nonexistent. 🙁

One of my favorite comic artists used to post de-spoilerified panels from upcoming pages, which was good. Like, it might just be a close-up of one of the characters’ faces, or a setting, or anything, really. Just an idea!

On a side note, you always have such well-thought-out comments and questions and such…but I never see anybody commenting here! Is there a forum, or some such thing?

No worries about the art. I figured asking was a stretch to begin with.

I might just do what you’ve suggested during the hiatus. It’s a great idea!

No forum, just a small number of readers. I stopped advertising a long time ago. I think one of the webcomic artists I follow said something along the lines of for every 1 commenter there’s 20 readers hiding in the background, or something like that. I’m one of those readers hiding in the background for most of the webcomics I read, so I understand why others don’t comment. It always makes my day to receive a response, though. 🙂

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