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If you’ve been following either the G+ or Facebook page for Eternity Complex, you may already be aware of this but I switched to using Manga Studio 5 this chapter for line art and a few other comic making processes. I’m really enjoying what Manga Studio has to offer and I absolutely love that I… Continue reading 01


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I’m so happy with how Marie and Bjorn came out because foreshortening and perspective are a pain, especially when you are just kind of winging it with a really hastily sketched perspective grid. Fae wasn’t as lucky but getting two out of three looking really good is a great accomplishment for me. In super exciting… Continue reading 05


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So at first I was thinking the cave would be filled with bioluminescent moss but then I learned of the Glowworm Cave in New Zealand and now I can’t imagine this cave being filled with anything other than a ton of tiny glowing insects. The processes that Bjorn used to increase the cave entrance size… Continue reading 08