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Aqua Marie is her name and getting to the bottom of things is her game. There are no rules in Marie’s games. A little bit more information about Aquatians: Instead of belly buttons, Aquatians have a slit that runs down their stomach. Since Aquatians view belly buttons as ugly (noses, too, but humans have highly… Continue reading 25


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I wasn’t lying when I said Marie’s games have no rules. — You may have noticed the fancy new button off to the side; TWC vote incentives have been resurrected! A few people have continued to vote over the past year despite the fact that I haven’t updated the vote incentive in all that time.… Continue reading 26


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Marie knew she was pushing her own luck but curiosity got the better of her. Last weekend I started running a lot of the characters through one of the D&D alignment quiz things (full disclosure: I’ve never played D&D but in my younger days I was addicted to personality tests and that’s how I discovered… Continue reading 27


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Marie has never, ever lost a game of chicken and she definitely counts this as a win. Today’s TWC vote incentive of a redo page is actually brand new content (pencil sketch + text). Two completely new pages have been added to the prologue to hopefully clear things up a bit. Thursday’s update will bring… Continue reading 28


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Look who has made it down just in time to witness all of the aftermath. Adrik, Enya, and to a lesser extent Bjorn are of the school of thought that magic should never be used around humans since humans just want to kill all the magics. Marie, on the other hand, sees humans as an… Continue reading 29


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Marie really needs help with robbing all of the ships. Edit: I realized after posting this page that thievery is an unintentional recurring element in Eternity Complex. Out of all of the characters who’ve had significant screen time, the only one who hasn’t had a hand in stealing anything is Bjorn. I had a ton… Continue reading 30


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Imagine whichever word you want for what Marie is saying in the illegible part; what ever it is, it’s not very nice. This scene takes place at the same time as the next scene. The background for the pages in this scene are the blurred flats from future pages. While I try to keep the… Continue reading 32