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An elusive update has appeared! Looks like I can keep up with once every other week updates through the end of the semester. So, no update next week but there should be a new page up on December 7th and updates will hopefully be back to once a week by the 21st.

As for future updates next semester, what would you like to see? Would you like consistent updates once every other week? Or, would you like to see once a week updates for as long is sustainable then updates when ever I’m able to?

Edit: No update on the 7th. School work and food poisoning have made completing a page impossible. Updates should resume on the 21st.


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It’s an update! The update schedule is still uncertain at the moment but I am working on new pages in the limited down time that I have.

FaeAndAdrikAlso, check out this adorable and funny picture I received from Rd Ashes of Doby and Smeck as part of the Comic Fury Halloween Fan Art Exchange. I love this picture so much and I hope you do too!


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This page was really fun to work on. I got to experiment a ton with how to get things to look like they were underwater so that I wouldn’t rely too heavily on downloaded textures. I’ve only made a handful of textures for the comic, everything else comes courtesy of cgtextures.

Updates may potentially be sporadic until mid December. I’m drowning in school responsibilities and haven’t gotten much done on the comic as a result. I don’t want to call an official hiatus but there’s no way I can keep up with a page a week updates… I can’t even keep up with the comics I’m reading. When I have new pages to post, they’ll go up on Mondays but not every Monday will have a new page. Updates will be more regular once the Holiday season hits. I’m sorry for the future update delays.


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So, so many hours went into that background… there’s even a bunch of itty bitty people in there. And then I blurred everything. Some of the aquatians are still visible thanks to being one solid color that contrasts well against dark brown but most of the people and many small details are all lost. Mostly this was just a lesson on where to draw the line on detail inclusion.

Also, going by page numbering using the old prologue this is page 449 and with the new prologue this is page 451. The happy medium with this page is 450. It’s about time for me to bust out the progress chart I made awhile ago and add more pictures to it. I’ll post the progress chart once the new pictures are added.


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Astor knows when something is up.

I originally intended to not shade Astor in, because I’ve been trying to find ways to make wraith abilities appear more removed from the surrounding environment and that was an idea I came up with. But I got distracted by anime and forgot my intent. When I finally realized what I had done, I couldn’t bring myself to delete the work. It’s a little hard to rationalize deleting 10-15 minutes worth of work when shading looks better than no shading.


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In addition to better backgrounds, I’m also trying to keep the light source consistent across scenes. I’ve really only paid attention to the light source when it is directly drawn into the scene and I’d like to try and not do that anymore.

This semester has been really stressful so far but if today goes according to plan, the biggest source of that stress will be eliminated. It’s a weird feeling for me. Back in May I was really excited to get an officer position in the club I’m in but now I’m just glad to be planning my resignation. It also helps that one of the other officers is right there with me. We both have the same problems with what is going on behind the scenes and with how we are being treated. When a conversation consists of “I’m glad you said something first” and “me too” repeatedly you know you are caught in a sick system. Here’s to hoping all goes according to plan.

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