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Toxic fumes ruin everything.

I’ve got some good news and a whole lot of bad news as far as website maintenance is concerned. Good news, I’m currently updating the character page with brand new images and what not.

As for the bad news… Ever since I learned my lesson and created a test site for all layout/code changes, I try out all updates and code changes to the test site before trying them out on this site. The latest update to the base layout template that I build my layout on top of completely destroyed my test site but thankfully won’t be destroying this site anytime soon. I don’t know how a template upgrade could wipe widget text boxes and other content, but it did. Thankfully the test site’s webcomic pages and comments were left in tact which leaves me hopeful that when I upgrade this site those things will stay intact even if everything else doesn’t.

I’m having to redo the layout from scratch on the test site so that when I break this site’s layout in the upgrade I can just copy and paste what I need to into the current site. The worse news is I can’t get this site to be more mobile friendly until the test site is back in action (but the template update will automatically make things mobile friendly) since I experiment on the test site before making permanent changes over here. I remain hopeful that the changes I wish to make can be done quickly. There are a few options missing from the newest version of the layout template, though. When the template upgrade happens, things won’t quite look the same.

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