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Good news everyone! Updates are back up to twice a week! XD I can only guarantee the new schedule through the end of the chapter but it should help to get things moving again. Still no buffer, but the rest of the pages for the chapter are close to finished.

If you were wondering what was up with the water hand page about 10 updates ago, this page and a couple more pages in the chapter should explain things a little better.

As for the freezing, Bjorn doesn’t just melt things; he can, also, freeze them. Dwarven abilities are essentially tied to temperature control of solids. The metal that Bjorn carries on him, allows him to indirectly interact with gases and liquids. He can also use the metal as a weapon or a shield, but that’s not his preferred use. Living in a mountain, Bjorn learned to hone his abilities by deforming rocks which is how he is very adept at moving them around.

Rock fact time: Temperature and pressure are what affect rock deformation. A change to one or the other directly affects the behavior of rocks. One of the dangers in mining is that digging tunnels takes pressure off of the remaining rock which leads to the remaining rock explosively expanding to fill the newly formed empty space. It’s kind of like how if you press down on a foam mattress, the mattress springs back to it’s original shape once the pressure is removed.


All I want now is to hear someone shout “I was frozen today!”

I’m so out of touch with pop culture references. I appreciate that you linked the video 🙂 because at first I thought that might be a Frozen reference with how out of touch I am. *goes back to hiding under a rock*

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