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Team work!

I’m now officially back from traveling for the next month. I have one more planned absence for the summer but then it will be smooth sailing until school starts. Also, I completely forgot to add Marie’s spots to all the pages that went up while I was out of town. The spots are now on all of the previous pages. Feel free to check back if you want to see the difference that spots make.

FaeAndLucyBefore heading out of town, I took part in Comic Fury’s Pirate Prom Crossover Exchange. All of the images to the exchange were posted while I was out of town and I didn’t get to see the extremely lovely image of Fae until last week. Fae’s posed next to Lucy from Pulse. I’m basically in awe of how immensely talented Lightfoot, the creator of Pulse, is. I love everything about this picture and feel like I’ve learned a lot about drawing from just looking at the picture alone.

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