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I wonder what they’re up to.

One of my goals with this chapter has been to get better at utilizing tricky perspective shots and I’ve been re-sketching a lot of panels digitally after scanning in the pencils. The left panel of today’s page is one such re-sketch. The original pencils did not look so good and even the first few attempts of setting up perspective lines did not go so well. I really struggled to get the angle I wanted but in the end I really like how the panel turned out. Marie’s thumb on the other hand, suffered from my focus on the left panel. I didn’t even notice how strange her thumb looks until now.

Also, a new version of the first page of the scene is up. Part of the problem with being a one person show is that it is easy to miss the errors in one’s own work. Thank you so much Spelledeg for pointing out what was wrong with the first panel and helping me to fix it! Also go read Spelledeg’s INTS: Black Gate (if you aren’t already); it is really awesome!

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