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I find their lack of faith disturbing… Not really, I just really wanted to say that.

This page is the final page of the scene. The next page is a transition page and is a bit too detailed as a result (also it has a long-ago-promised cameo on it). I’m not sure when the next page will go up but it will be at a point when I have it and the rest of the pages for that scene done (all 5 of them). I like the idea of not leaving things hanging mid scene and having guaranteed updates for at least a few weeks before taking another break. If you have an opinion about the timing of future updates I’d be glad to hear it! 🙂

There’s currently 3 scenes left in the chapter and each one is 5 pages long. Before the next chapter starts I’m going to have to think long and heard about art decisions. My current working art style is way too detailed for the amount of time I have available each week.

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