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Fae got her answer and they continued on their way.

Adrik_23_100pBetween studying for a test, taking care of a sick person, and pulling double dog duty, I almost forgot to post about the new picture of Adrik I received for the 100 palette challenge from Ten Penny Officer who is the creator of Eider’s End. This portrait is super awesome and Ten Penny Officer did a fantastic job at capturing Adrik’s personality! I could poke this picture with a stick all day. Though Adrik would probably only last two stick pokes before getting annoyed and leaving in a huff. If you like this picture you should check out Eider’s End. The artwork for Eider’s End is superbly trippy and while there’s only 8 pages up so far, what is up promises an interesting story to come.

Also, you can click the portrait to view the full sized image.

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