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Fae is still falling through the graves of many memories. Only the most plot relevant stuff is being shown but none of it ends happily.

This past week I was out of town in Wyoming. The landscape there was breathtaking and I wish I could have stayed longer. I saw and did a bunch of great things while out there. The most memorable thing I took part in though was the llama hike. I love animals and so getting to hike with a llama friend was the activity I was looking forward to the most out of everything that was planned. Unfortunately my llama friend had other plans. On the hike back my buddy ran away from me. Llamas are crazy fast runners but they are so awkward looking. Their fur bounces up and down while their body sways back and forth, they look ridiculous while running. Luckily the my no-longer-my-buddy llama decided to camp out near the trail and the owners were able to get the llama back. I felt really bad but there’s not much you can do when a half ton creature decides to bolt. After my llama bolted and I started to feel better about my former buddy dashing, I got to walk a different llama. This new llama and I were able to make it back to the trailer without a problem. I also got to feed and pet the llamas, so I’m happy with the experience. I still feel bad about my llama bolting but everything turned out fine in the end and that’s all that mattered.

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