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Marie carries around flasks of distilled water for just in case she has to use her abilities while in a humanoid form. She prefers to carry around distilled water because distilled water is the easiest water to control the flow of. Ordinarily the difference in the control-ability of water is so minute that it wouldn’t make a difference but Aquatians aren’t as strong in their humanoid form and notice the tiny difference in control-ability. Marie doesn’t like leaving things to chance and so she always carries distilled water with her.

The idea for water flasks totally came from watching Avatar:TLA. I really liked how practical and useful Katara’s water pouch was in the gaang’s travels and I wanted something equally useful for Marie. However, unlike Katara, Marie is able to use her entire body as a weapon if push comes to shove where as Katara can only use her sweat. There’s also no equivalent to blood bending in the Eternity Complex world. Aquatians control the flow of liquids, a highly skilled Aquatian could drain a person of blood (or other fluids) in a matter of seconds or awkwardly push/pull creatures across the ground but they have no control over the nervous system. What few Aquatians can do to the body of most living organisms is way more akin to what Magneto did to that guard who had been injected with metal in one of the x-men sequels instead of what a bloodbender can do. That scene with Magneto is pretty much the only thing I remember of that x-men movie.


*reading the first paragraph of the commentary* Heh, just like in Avatar: The Last–

*reaches the second paragraph* Oh. Yeah, that.

I do love me some Avatar. 🙂

Avatar:TLA came out around the same time that I first began working on Eternity Complex and is one of the few cartoons I was watching around that time that I’m still proud to say was an influence on the story. There’s a few things I watched in high school that I’m not sure why other than they weren’t outright banned at home. I grew up with a long list of things I wasn’t allowed to watch.

Yeah, I had that long list of banned stuff too…been doing a lot of catching up on a lot of great games since that list was dropped.

A:TLA wasn’t on that list, but for some unknown reasons (probably really stupid reasons), I deliberately avoided it for a while after hearing about it. Later, a friend talked me into seeing it. It’s now my favorite show. 😀

I’m doing that catching up thing too but more so with older anime (very slowly). It wasn’t until my sister and I were in high school that my mom realized that not all anime was hentai… And then my mom caught the first 5 minutes of Samurai Champloo and the ban was almost back. Samurai Champloo was instant banned and my sister and I could not watch anime unsupervised after that – except for Inuyasha because my mom didn’t want to sit through that show and what she did catch of Inuyasha was never an incriminating scene. Weirdly, my sister and I could read any manga we wanted.

You’re unknown reasons for not initially watching A:TLA are probably similar to the reasons I had for watching that show in secret (until the end of the first season). Still not entirely sure why I did that but it was definitely something I did.

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