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Things could have gone way better.

When developing the Aquatians’ way of communicating I turned to ocean dwelling creatures here on earth, most notably whales. Whale songs are hauntingly beautiful and I thought their way of communicating over vast spreads of water would be nearly perfect for the Aquatians. However, since Aquatians are capable of blending with water, I needed a way for Aquatians to communicate that didn’t require any physical interaction with the environment and thus their psuedo-collective consciousness was born. Each Aquatian is their own unique individual but they are constantly in contact with every other Aquatian in their immediate vicinity. There is only one circumstance that can cut off an Aquatian’s link with their friends and family and that will show up in a few pages (and is completely voluntary). The one downside to the Aquatian psuedo-collective consciousness is that it is completely overwhelming to any nearby telepaths. This is not the first Aquatian run in with a wraith.

More Aquatian information: Aquatians have diverged the most from humans over the course of several millenias. While still roughly humanoid in appearance, Aquatians have lost several physical traits and senses as their form has become streamlined for an aqueous environment. For instance, Aquatians lack noses.

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