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Fae has a lot of raw power at her disposal but hasn’t learned to control or tap into that power. While she can make stuff move, Fae’s much better at manipulating the magic that’s near her. Fae doesn’t realize this but the glow that’s been accompanying her recent uses of telekinesis is entirely due to Fae’s tapping into Enya’s light creating abilities. No one has pointed it out to Fae because it has been more useful for Fae to appear demi lineage (any human descended from the Demis retains the glow when using an active power, just to a much lesser degree than a Demi) and both Adrik and Enya noticed Fae is a bit reliant on the glow when trying to do anything with telekinesis. Neither Adrik nor Enya want to point something trivial out to Fae that would distract Fae from gaining better control over her abilities.

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