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This chapter takes place a few weeks after the end of the previous chapter and the title is a reference to the boiling and condensation point of water. I meant to put those two bits of info up with the title page but the holiday season and a series of unfortunate events got in the… Continue reading 03


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Enya started the conversation expecting that she’d need to sternly set Adrik straight but quickly realized that a heart to heart might be more effective since Adrik is actually aware that he’s a problem. There’s certain concepts that Demis, in general, are incapable of grasping and no amount of good intentions can cover that up.… Continue reading 06


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Paranoid and irrational, Enya picked those words very carefully. This past week was my second first week of college classes. I really messed up my first time through college (if I could erase most of my freshman year and part of my sophomore year I would without hesitation, though I really enjoyed the major I… Continue reading 09