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There is no equivalent original page to this one. This page is brand new content. If you’ve been keeping up with the regular updates, you are already aware of the event being shown in the first panel, everything else is completely new. This page was added mostly to give some insight into Fae’s character.

It was mentioned in passing once in the comic that Fae use to dance, well this page offers some more insight into that. I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing but I imagine that Fae would be a fan based on the plot. It’s also a fairly iconic dance film so I felt compelled to add it for that reason alone. The other poster is for Cabaret. I have seen Cabaret on stage. It’s phenomenally amazing in a super depressing way. Emphasis on super depressing. I’m not sure if this was unique to the show I saw or what is typically done but after the curtains close at the end of Cabaret the music stopped, the lights came up, and the actors did not return to the stage for a bow. The lack of typical stage conventions at the end only heightened the power of that musical. Fae’s poster is from the film version.

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