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It’s an update! The update schedule is still uncertain at the moment but I am working on new pages in the limited down time that I have. Also, check out this adorable and funny picture I received from Rd Ashes of Doby and Smeck as part of the Comic Fury Halloween Fan Art Exchange. I… Continue reading 10


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An elusive update has appeared! Looks like I can keep up with once every other week updates through the end of the semester. So, no update next week but there should be a new page up on December 7th and updates will hopefully be back to once a week by the 21st. As for future… Continue reading 11


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An elusive update has appeared! XD Next update should be up in two weeks. I’m going to try and make every other week updates for as long as possible. Also check out these amazing pieces I received over the break! The first lovely picture is from azureXtwilight the creator of Re:Set, as part of Comic… Continue reading 12


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I kind of sort of have a buffer built back up. 1 page counts as a buffer, right? Updates will be roughly once every other week for the time being. I think I can keep that pace through the first half of the semester. Unlike previous semesters all of my work this semester focuses on… Continue reading 13


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I hope that the “splash” effect is noticeable in the first panel. Just how clueless is Fae anyway? Find out next update. Lots of amazing things have happened since the last update! First up is this super duper, awesome portrait of Astor by Memoria Caelestie of Diexemor. Astor is featured along with characters from Fire… Continue reading 14


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Just how clueless is Adrik anyway? Find out next update. Check out this cute and funny mini comic I received from Jean_Q_Citizen of Alvery Nerveaux’s Secret Case Files as part of the Comic Fury Crossover Exchange In Love 2. As always, please click on the images to view them in their full-sized glory. In a… Continue reading 15


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Long time no see! I’m kind of sort of back for a while. Things still won’t be consistent around here but I should be updating a lot more frequently over the summer. I’ll post further details down bellow but first the fun stuff. Eternity Complex has gotten past the 450 page mark and so it’s… Continue reading 17


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What will it take, Fae? Hello! It’s been months! Hope everyone is doing well! I didn’t want to post again until all the pages in the current scene were done and… well… they’re still not done… BUT… all but one is and I think that I’ll be able to complete it before it would be… Continue reading 18