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Marie really needs help with robbing all of the ships. Edit: I realized after posting this page that thievery is an unintentional recurring element in Eternity Complex. Out of all of the characters who’ve had significant screen time, the only one who hasn’t had a hand in stealing anything is Bjorn. I had a ton… Continue reading 30


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Imagine whichever word you want for what Marie is saying in the illegible part; what ever it is, it’s not very nice. This scene takes place at the same time as the next scene. The background for the pages in this scene are the blurred flats from future pages. While I try to keep the… Continue reading 32


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I wonder why Enya wants to add another player to her “delicate balance” and so does Bjorn (for very different reasons). While I’m not entirely happy with the art on this page there’s a bunch of little things on this page that add up to important. Fae’s no longer silently questioning Enya’s decisions or good… Continue reading 35


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One of the results of what Fae’s been through is that she’s developing a pretty strong dislike for mind reading/altering abilities. However, with all of the traveling and minimal alone time, Fae’s not gotten a lot of chances to actually work through her situation and everything she’s been through since the story’s started. But, Fae… Continue reading 37


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Important Site News: Eternity Complex has changes URLs to eternity.drawnpaper.com While the old url still works (and should work indefinitely), if you don’t want to be redirected to the new site for every visit please update your bookmarks or RSS feed to the new address. While technically (and that’s a huge technically) not a new… Continue reading 38